Leverage technology to help people in need


Give Back

Improve the health of people in need by leveraging technology

Create Awareness

Highlight and identify areas of technology that are making a positive impact with people in need


Find the best avenues to attain the best technologies to the people that need them


Hero Arms

To work with Open Bionics and the Open Bionics Foundation to secure advanced and affordable multi-grip* bionic arms- "The Hero Arm" for children in need

Hearing Devices

To work with Help America Hear to secure "State of the Art" hearing devices for people in need

Prosthetic Legs

Work with the Jordan Thomas Foundation to secure prosthetic legs for children in need


Beacon of Hope 365

Beacon of Hope 365 was founded by James P. Quinn in 2020. Jim had the idea to start Beacon of Hope 365 when he was researching his book Tech Trends 24/7 and the Impact of Covid-19. Jim realized during his research how technology was making a significant positive impact for people of need and believed that starting this charity could make a real difference.